Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Havin' Trouble with the Lawn Mower

I had a mower my dad gave me after I moved into the new house. I made good use of it for two years. My guess is that when I hoaed off the mower one night that the metal got stressed. Next time I mowed, there was a funny noise for a minute before a loud ka-whump and then a lot of noise. A big 'ol chunk of metal bkew out the side of the mower. I think I saw the piston inside the mower!!

So, oil everywhere, engine toast. Mower is done for and lawn is high and half done. So, finally I broke down and got a new mower.

I know this is boring, but I want to test this new droid app. Blogger-droid seems OK. Maybe I'll post regular-ish.

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