Monday, August 16, 2010

Android Apps

My Sprint Evo 4G now has Froyo (Android 2.2). One if the big selling points of the upgrade was supposed to be the ability to move some apps to the SD card to free up some internal storage space. I still haven't figured that out, but I did discover a couple of gems.
I can now turn the screen to the left or right to get a wide-screen view. Being right-handed it only seemed natural to turn the screen to the right.
I also have seen two changes in the Andriod Market. They now have a tab for Sprint recommended apps in the right of the apps and games tabs. There is also an option to check on most apps already loaded, to allow them to auto-update. This is a big change and a relief for those of us confronted by 10-12 updates available every other day as we head off to work. Each manual update also seems to require 3-4 screen taps. One takes you into the market and then you tap on each app and then approve twice to update.
I might have designed it to bring up a list of available updates, with a checkbox next to each and thr ability to update all. I would have had the ability to click on each program and see only a list of changes and a back button. I would not have presented a full product description and list of what the app had access to, unless there was a change.
Lets just say I hope it is better now.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Havin' Trouble with the Lawn Mower

I had a mower my dad gave me after I moved into the new house. I made good use of it for two years. My guess is that when I hoaed off the mower one night that the metal got stressed. Next time I mowed, there was a funny noise for a minute before a loud ka-whump and then a lot of noise. A big 'ol chunk of metal bkew out the side of the mower. I think I saw the piston inside the mower!!

So, oil everywhere, engine toast. Mower is done for and lawn is high and half done. So, finally I broke down and got a new mower.

I know this is boring, but I want to test this new droid app. Blogger-droid seems OK. Maybe I'll post regular-ish.

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