Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas booty

Well, the results are in. In the form of Christmas booty, I took in a iPod Nano 8GB, Logitech VX Nano wireless mouse, a custom made t-shirt reading "Ask Me Why My Pants Fit Better", a small aquarium, a quilted blanket, some Dilbert frameable Certificates, Office Space Survival Kit, LightWedge book light, whittling knife, greenish long sleeve shirt, some wild presents from the kids besides what they made, a Wally World gift card (good for iPod gear), and cash (always nice). The wife and I got as a joint present, a big crock pot.

The kid's presents to me are always entertaining. They draw pictures and make stuff at school and home. Zoe had her picture in a Christmas tree ornament. Sophie had her picture in a wreath made out of green cutouts the shape of her hand. Sophie also made a reindeer and a reindeer head. Zach made a snowman out of a white sock. We let him give that to his grandparents. The weird presents that the kids gave me, are not exactly weird, but odd. Darlene took them each shopping and gave them each a $10 limit and said they could buy me whatever they wanted. Seems mostly harmless on the surface, unless you think like a kid. Sophie bought me a potholder/towel set for the kitchen that had penguins on it. I do like penguins, but I don't have them all over the house, yet. Apparently she thinks I need them everywhere. The penguin is cute and my wife likes them, so they stay. Zoe got me two boxes of Russell Stover's candy since they were two for one. She said at the time of purchase that "with two boxes, dad can give some to us." Zach got me a T-handle screwdriver with bits and since he had money left over, he got me two Star Wars battle droids. He probably got the battle droids first.

So, that is the run-down and I've probably forgotten a few small items. My nephews seem to have enjoyed the new computer I got them, dad likes how fast his PC is since I installed more RAM for him (1 GB), mom liked her piano keyboard, the kids seemed to like all their stuff and Darlene liked all her stuff too. Pretty good all around. Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Technoviking origins

"Techno Viking" or "Technoviking" is the nickname given to an unknown dancer on F*ckparade 2000. Has gained fame on the internet through a viral video. The unknown strongman quickly became popular through many internet video sites, and "remixes" of the video were made. He has, much like the Chuck Norris facts, had jokes made up about him, like "Techno viking does not dance to the music, the music dances to Techno viking".

The original video

All hail the TechnoViking!!

Trevor is designing a TechnoViking t-shirt. He's also trying to find a place to produce the shirts and maybe make a profit.